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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

UK university launches £500 000 scholarship for African students

The university’s Engineering and Computing building. Photo credit: Coventry University
Lagos – Coventry University has launched a £500 000 scholarship and announced the establishment of the Africa Institute for Transformational Entrepreneurship (AITE).

These aim to boost socio-economic development across the continent.

The total cost of the projects is £1 million.

The announcements come as the university’s vice-chancellor and CEO, Professor John Latham, visits Abuja to meet with Coventry’s alumni in the country and explore ways to continue building links between Coventry University and Africa.

“African tertiary education should be designed to address the continent’s specific problems. Entrepreneurship-based education and research in Africa’s institutions of higher learning can help address the issues of unemployment and inequality for sustainable socio-economic growth in Africa,” said Latham.

He said Coventry University aimed to contribute to all areas of Africa’s development as a founding member of AITE.

In collaboration with partners, Coventry University will run a collaborative programme of education, research and practice-based activity.

AITE programmes will include interactive sessions, face-to-face workshops, research exchanges and online support channelled through its existing International Centre for Transformational Entrepreneurship (ICTE).

“We’re enormously excited to be launching this initiative and we’re confident it will make a difference in driving forward innovation and supporting wealth creation in an African continent that is fast coming to realize its enterprising spirit and potential for socio-economic growth,” said Latham.

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